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Yellow Pages®

“We wouldn't be in existence without Yellow Pages.”

Mark Tessman, Northslide Sailmaker

There are few things more important than the simple act of buying and selling. We do it almost every day and it’s a critical part of life. In fact everything we wear, use, enjoy and eat involves a buyer and seller… often several.

And every Australian business – together with the millions of people they employ – rely on buying and selling for their livelihood.

Yellow Pages® is a big part of the way Australians buy and sell.

Every day, Yellow Pages® helps Australians find the products and suppliers they need. While Yellow Pages® listings and ads help hundreds of thousands of Australian companies find the customers they need. It’s a perfect match!

Yellow Pages®: print directories and so much more

Over the years, Sensis has met the growing needs of buyers and sellers with new and better ways to use Yellow Pages®. From our convenient new directories, to online, mobile and voice services to strategic partnerships with leading digital information providers.

As a result you can now search the Yellow Pages® through a variety of print, online, mobile and voice services, which means easier access for Yellow Pages® users and more customers for Australian businesses.

Today, Yellow Pages® advertisers can be searched for in:

Yellow Pages® Book in Metropolitan areas : 6 metropolitan directories

Yellow Pages® Book in Regional areas : 51 regional directories
Yellow Pages® Living Local: 32 local directories.

Yellow Pages® In the Car : 2 metropolitan and 13 regional directories : one of Australia’s most visited directory sites

Yellow Pages® Mobile : Get the things you love about on your mobile.

1234 * by Telstra  and Telstra Call Connect (12456+) : Yellow Pages® directory listings can be accessed over the phone on 1234 and Call Connect (12456)

Whereis® :  Where the business can be mapped, an advertiser’s Yellow Pages® content listing is available on Whereis®, Whereis® Mobile and on Whereis® digital maps. Both these power leading Australian portable and in-car satellite navigation devices.

Google Maps  and Google Maps Mobile: through our association with Google, an advertiser’s Yellow Pages® content business location details can  is be available to be searched for on Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile.

Bing Maps : through our association with ninemsn, an advertiser’s Yellow Pages® content business location details is available to becan be searched for on Bing Maps. and search engines: Yellow Pages® listings are available on the search engine and are also able to be searched for on search engines such as Google and Yahoo7!

*1234 is available to most Telstra customers unless you have preselected another carrier for long distance calls.  $1.40 (plus standard mobile charges) per call or SMS request.  Attempted connection charge $0.99.  Standard charges for connected calls also apply.
+$1.25 40 (plus standard mobile charges).  Attempted connection charge $0.9988 (for successful and attempted connection). Standard charges for connected calls also apply.

Yellow Pages, White Pages, Whereis, are registered trade marks of Sensis Pty Ltd.

1234, Telstra and Call Connect are all trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited.

1234, Telstra Call Connect and Directory Assistance are all businesses operated by Telstra Corporation.



For more information about Yellow Pages®

Yellow Pages® Online web site.

Yellow Pages® Mobile services.

Improve My Home : A special Yellow Pages service that helps answer Australia’s most common home renovation and garden questions.

Inside Yellow Pages : Helpful information and services for Yellow Pages® users and advertisers.

Yellow™ Lab : The Yellow Pages® “test bed”, where visitors can try and then comment on potential new innovations.

Settle In : A new online service to help you order the directories if you’re moving home.

Advertise with Yellow Pages®

Yellow Pages® can help tailor an advertising solution that suits your business needs. From a single advertisement to an integrated media plan,  Yellow Pages® has a solution to meet your needs. Find out more.

Contact Yellow Pages®
You can call us on 13 23 78 or visit our Advertiser website for more options.

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