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Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223

You can call Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223 to request the phone number of a person or business. You can search for a number in the White Pages® directory if you know the name of the person or business, or search the Yellow Pages® directory for a type of business (e.g. plumber, hairdresser). An optional call connection service is available to eligible Telstra fixed-line callers, Telstra post-paid mobile callers and Telstra pre-paid mobile callers.

Your call will be answered by an automated speech recognition service and you’ll be asked for the name of the person or business you’re after. If your request cannot be recognised, an operator will help.

Calls to Telstra Directory Assistance on 1223 are free from Telstra residential fixed-line phones and from Telstra payphones. The cost to Telstra business fixed-line customers and Telstra mobile customers is $0.50.

An attempted connection charge of $0.99 applies to eligible Telstra post-paid mobile, pre-paid mobile and fixed-line customers who choose to be through-connected to a requested number*. If, on attempted connection, the requested number is busy or does not answer, you will be charged the connection fee of $0.99. If you are on a mobile you will receive the number by SMS as part of the service. If you are on a fixed line and the number you requested to be connected to is busy or does not answer, a computerised voice will read you the number.

Telstra call charges will also apply for successful connections. If you are a Telstra fixed-line customer with another carrier for long distance calls, any calls connected will be charged at Telstra standard call charges as per the HomeLine Part plan.

These charges apply to Telstra customers. If you’re billed by someone other than Telstra, you may be charged differently, so please contact them for more information.

Call 1800 811 210 for details of all the voice services.

* Customers eligible for connection are Telstra fixed line customers without call barring (including those customers preselected to another carrier for long distance calls) and post and pre-paid mobile customers carried on the Telstra Network 


Telstra is a registered trade mark of Telstra Corporation Ltd used with permission. Yellow Pages and White Pages are registered trade marks of Sensis Pty Ltd.



For more information on 1223
  • call 1800 811 210